Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baby Delany & Katy (Mommy Daughter Session)

When Katy, a photographer friend of mine contacted me to do photos of her and Delany I couldn't be more excited! Since being a photographer you tend to carry with you the photographers curse of never having ANY photos of yourself with your friends and family its as if you don't even exists.  So I took her up on this trade right away! 
I started the session with her daughter who must totally be used to having a camera in her face 24/7.  She was NOT shy at all, happiest baby ever by far! 
Her smile, 
Her eyes, 
Her cheeks
Her chubby leggies!!!
I could just eat her up!
Check her out!!
Happy First Birthday Delany!

 And I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos of Katy by herself she looks beautiful!!  It was hilarious to have another photographer be tortured in front of the camera.  She did awesome even though I think we were cracking up practically the whole time. I can't wait for my turn, LOL...all I have to say is good luck to her.

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